Golden Valley Internet Stamp Auction Rules

TERMS and CONDITIONS: All stamps are guaranteed to be genuine and as described. Any misdescribed lot can be returned for a refund. Returns must be in the condition received , and received by me not later than 15 days (25 days for overseas non-US purchasers) after I mail the lots (postmark date). Payment may be made by DISCOVER, VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards, check or money order. On credit card payment I will need the type of card used (VISA, DISCOVER, etc), Card #, Expiration date and the name as printed on the card. As e-mail is not a secure means of communicating you may either paper mail, (PHONE 800-782-4896) or (FAX 763-544-4683) the information to me. The shipment of lots may be delayed until I am satisfied payment has been properly made. You must be 18 years or older to bid. I reserve the right to reject any bid for any reason. Usually this is done if the bidder fails to pay for lots, does not answer E-mail inquires, issues a bad check etc. Placing of a bid indicates understanding and acceptance of these terms.
PAYMENT FOR LOTS: I will notify you by e-mail if you were high bidder, and what the total payment is (including postage and insurance). Unless other arrangements have been made prior to the start of the auction, I must receive payment on or before the 10th day after the close of the auction. Failure to comply may result in the denial of accepting bids in current or future auctions.
Bidding Increments Will Be As Follows:
$0 to $4.75 $0.25
$4.76 to $9.50 $0.50
$9.51 to $19.50 $1.00
$19.01 to $48.00 $2.00
48.01 to $145.00 $5.00
$145.01 to $290.00 $10.00
$290.01 to $975.00 $25.00
$975.01 to $19,990.00 $100.00
$19,990.01 and Up $1000.00
BIDDING: All bidding will be done using the automated bidding system or by E-mail. When you register to bid, a bidder # will be assigned. THIS NUMBER WILL BE YOUR PERMANENT CUSTOMER/BIDDER #. If your number is in the "Bidder #" column, you are currently high bidder. I will NOT notify you if you have been outbid, so check the auction page often. Page updates will be noted with the time and day as I revise them. Absence of a number in the "Bidder #" column means no bids have been received on the lot. Your bid must be greater than the bid posted. All bids will be one increment above the second highest bid. In case of tie, earliest e-mail bidder will prevail. TIES WILL NO LONGER BE INDICATED WITH A (T)
NOTE: If/when you raise your bid during the auction, that bid replaces your previous bid. If you are high bidder your bid will NOT be increased unless necessary to beat another bid. For example, if you are high bidder at $32 and raise your bid to $40, the $32 bid will not change until a higher bid is received.
If submitting your bid by e-mail, indicate your bidder #, password, and use the following format: Lot # then bid.For example #17 - $65.
Any out of increment bidding will be lowered to reflect the appropriate increment.Please see the increment levels listed above.

REMEMBER: Your high bid will only be used if necessary, so bid the maximum you are willing to pay. NO bid withdrawal/retractions will be accepted after the auction update has been posted. If you have bid on a lot by mistake, the best I can do is reduce your bid to the current high and hope that someone else out bids you. For example, you are high bidder at $30 and have given me a bid of $40. You CAN reduce the bid to $30 so that any bid received for $32 or more will take over as high bidder. 
Please review your bids carefully before submitting them.

A few words about descriptions: CENTERING: Ave - perfs cut or touch design. Fine - perfs clear design or may just touch on poorly centered issues. F-VF - Noticeably better centering within the margins, but still will have an imbalance. VF - Well centered within the existing margins, but not perfectly centered. XF - Balanced margins not Noticeably off centered to the naked eye. NH - Never Hinged; LH - Lightly hinged (no hinge remnant); OG - heavy hinge remnant or 50% or less original gum; LHR - Light Hinge Remnant; HR - Hinge Remnant. Stamps are to be considered free of defects unless a specific defect (thin, crease, tear, etc) or the terms "fault(s), defect(s)" are used.
If you have any questions, PLEASE e-mail and I will reply. Auction bidding can be fun and exciting, but a bit confusing to novice bidders.


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